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Unity Express Admin Lockdown

Hi, does anyone know how to lock down a user account in CUE so that a user can ONLY do things like set holiday and business hours on the system? I don't really want to give them full access to the entire CUE.



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Re: Unity Express Admin Lockdown

Hi Johan,

Here are the current Locked down levels for CUE Administration;

Configuring Privileges

The Cisco Unity Express software recognizes these privileges for subscribers:

•Superuser-The superuser privilege permits subscribers to log in to the Cisco Unity Express GUI as an administrator. Additionally, it permits subscribers to record spoken names for remote subscribers and locations through the Administration via Telephone (AvT).

•ManagePrompts-The prompt management subscriber has access to the AvT but not to any other administrative functions.

•broadcast-The broadcast privilege permits the subscriber to send broadcast messages across the network.

•local-broadcast-The local-broadcast privilege permits subscribers to send broadcast messages only to subscribers on the local network.

•ManagePublicList-The ManagePublicList privilege permits the subscriber to create and modify public distribution lists.

•ViewPrivateList-The ViewPrivateList privilege allows the subscriber to view another subscriber's private distribution lists. The subscriber cannot modify or delete the private lists.

•vm-imap-The vm-imap privilege gives subscribers access to the IMAP feature.

These privilege levels are assigned to a group, and any member of the group is granted the privilege rights. The software initialization process created an Administrator group from the imported subscribers designated as administrators. Other groups can be created with these privileges. Assign subscribers to an existing group using the CLI commands or the GUI option Configure> Users.

To display a list of privileges, use the show privileges command in Cisco Unity Express EXEC mode.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity Express Admin Lockdown

Rob -

Can you use these levels in conjuction with the CME xml.template file?

In other words if you have the CUE GUI also managing CME, can you lockdown CME with the template and CUE with the groups, under one user ID?

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