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Unity Express and Intergrated Messaging in 2.3

Hello all,

can anyone give me some feedback on the Integrated Messaging feature available in Unity Express 2.3? I have a client that wants Unity Express but wants voicemail messages to be available from the end0users e-mail box as well. Seems like this feature is getting close. Can it enulate full blown Unity for at least VM in the e-mail in box? here is the link where I found it. The client is cost sensitive so there is a need for Unity Express

Thanks in advance!

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Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Express and Intergrated Messaging in 2.3

What exactly did you want to know? It supports IMAP clients for retrieving voicemail messages (not sending). You would use your own email client (such as Outlook/Outlook Express) to achieve this. It would show up in a separate mailbox, not the same one as email messages (that would be unified messaging). The release should be out any day now, I believe.

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