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Unity Express Group Boxes

I'm having a bit of a beef to get my two group boxes working. I defined two groups, assigned a bunch of member, one owner, assigned a primary extension (a free extension, no phone has it), and added a mailbox. When I check the group via web interface, the mailbox is listed in the mailboxes tab under general delivery mailbox, but a bit down in the "General Delivery Mailbox(es)" section it states "This group is not subscribed to any General Delivery mailboxes".. so what is it now? Then if I check the mailboxes of the individual group membery, they, too have the same message in the mailbox tab.

Checking the available mailboxes from the commandline, I see I have two general delivery boxes. I then created a dummy user having the same number as my first GD box and directly forwarded it to voicemail. Now anyone calling that number can record a message to that GD box, but no group member can access it.. they can call the voicemail headnumber, select the group box number, but their PINs are refused. And since only users, but not groups have a PIN, I'm kinda stuck in an infinite loop here. I tried setting all group member's PIN to the same value but to no avail.

Does anybody have an idea how my group members can listen to messages of their GD box?

Oh, and this is a CUE 2.1.2 connected to a CCM 4.1.3. And while I'm at it, is there a way to make the a call skip the voicemail greeting message? As in the call goes directly to box X, all the caller gets to hear is "beep" and then recording begins (don't tell me it's a bad idea, in fact the calls get routed via CRS so the caller knows he'll get the voicemail by the beep ;)

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Express Group Boxes

Do the members of the groups have personal mailboxes?

To access a GDM, you must have a regular, personal voice mailbox. Then when you log in, if you are a member (not an owner!) of a GDM, then you can press 9 and access the GDM.

A group can be a member of another group. If it has that, then it will show on the mailboxes tab as having a GDM (it will show the other mailbox along with its own mailbox at the top).

For an individual, if they are a member, then they will show their own mailbox and then below it will show the GDM they are subscribed to on the mailbox tab. If they don't have a personal mailbox, it'll have a Create button for that, but will not show the GDM.

Hopefully that makes sense. It gets a bit confusing with members and owners and such.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Express Group Boxes

Ah, and for the second question, it's only possible to skip the greeting if the system receives a # or if there's just a short "blank" audio snippet there in place of the greeting. But there's no way to just skip the greeting any other way.

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