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Unity Express IMAP integration issue

Hi All

Quick query (I hope). I have a client that we have recently deployed Unity Express for. He wishes to use the IMAP desktop messaging feature. I have implemented the instructions at the folliwng link:

However, when I get to the part where it says associate a user with a group using the

username xxxxx groupname xxxxx

command, I am unable to, as when I list the subcommands available, I have three available: create, phonenumber and phonenumberE164 .

I am using a NM-CUE running version 2.3 of CUE.

Has anyone got any ideas on this one? Is the documentation wrong? Should it be a different command? Anyone run into this one?

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Re: Unity Express IMAP integration issue

Hi Marc,

In my mind it looks like the document you are using is wrong. If you followed the Summary steps 7&8 IMAP would be in the disabled state and I don't believe those prompts would be available. Have a look;


1. config t

2. service imap

3. enable

4. maxsessions num-sessions

5. session idletimeout minutes

6. session security {ssl | none | mixed}

7. enable **

8. no enable **


Note Any changes to IMAP server configuration require a restart of the IMAP server for the changes to take effect. Steps 7 and 8 restart the IMAP server.


9. end

10. groupname groupname privilege vm-imap

11. username username group groupname

12. end

13. (Optional) show imap configurations

14. (Optional) show imap sessions

enable (IMAP)

To enable the integrated messaging (IMAP) feature system wide, use the enable command in Cisco Unity Express IMAP mode. To disable the IMAP feature, use the no or default form of this command.


no enable

default enable

The following example enables the IMAP feature:

se-10-0-0-0# config t

se-10-0-0-0(config)# service imap

se-10-0-0-0(config-imap)# enable

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: Unity Express IMAP integration issue

Thanks for the feedback.

Just found the answer from a colleague.

One needs to use the following command syntax:

groupname xxxxx member yyyyyy

to add users to a group to enable to IMAP service.

Thanks for the reply though.



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