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Unity Express upgrade question

I have 4 CUE locations running ver 2.1

I would like to upgrade to 2.3.4 to fix the DST issue.

How can I check that the AIM-CUE has the required 1gig memory remotely?




Re: Unity Express upgrade question

These preparation steps are required for when you prepare for a Cisco Unity Express upgrade or software installation:

Note the current Cisco Unity Express version and license.

Take note of the number of personal and group mailboxes as well as the integration type (CallManager Express or CallManager) and language.

Review the Cisco Unity Express software Release Notes for the release that you plan to install or upgrade to.

If you plan to restore an existing configuration, be sure to understand these backup/restore caveats:

The backup information you want to restore must be from a Cisco Unity Express system whose version is less than or equal to the version of the system you want to restore. For instance, do not attempt to restore a backup for a 2.1.3 system to a 2.0.1 system.

The backed-up system needs to have a license that is the same type (CallManager or CallManager Express) as the one you plan to restored.

The backed-up system needs to have a license with the same or less capacity as the system you plan to restore. Technically, there is no problem restoring to a system with a smaller license. However, the restore fails if the backup has more mailboxes or consumes more voicemail storage than the new system can support.

The backed-up system needs to have the same language as the system you plan to restore (see the Frequently Asked Questions section).

If you plan a new installation, always load the new license after you install the software.

Choose the appropriate software installation method (upgrade, clean, or boot helper methods).

Make sure that you have the required servers (FTP and possibly TFTP) available.

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