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Unity -- failed with error 0x80070005.

I have unity running in a failover mode. On the backup or secondary Unity server I have a msg log to the event viewer application log about once every other hour.

Event Type: Error

Event Source: CiscoUnity_NodeMgr

Event Category: Run

Event ID: 1052

Date: 7/11/2007

Time: 12:04:33 AM

User: N/A



Copy of file \\CN-UNITY-HSTL\Prompts\ENU\G711\AvAddrSearch\AvAddrSearchENU005.wav to d:\CommServer\Localize\Prompts\ENU\G711\AvAddrSearch\AvAddrSearchENU005.wav failed with error 0x80070005.

For more information, click:

I have verified Share and NTFS permissions on both the primary and secondary Unity servers for this directory and they match from the drive all the way down to the specific file. I have also looked at other files in the same direcotry and the persmissions are identical.

TAC's suggestion was to re run failover setup again on both servers. Seems a little extreme just for one file having an issue.

Wanted to see what others might suggest to do.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Re: Unity -- failed with error 0x80070005.


Re: Unity -- failed with error 0x80070005.

Sorry to hear of your problem. But most Failover problems are usually cured with an uninstall of failover and reinstall. It's a pain. If you are 4.0x, its probably the case. 4.2x seems to better and more stable with failover.

If the server is working fine though, I would ignore it. Failover to the backup, check to see if runs properly and then failback to primary. If all is well, then leave it.

My past expierence says reinstall failover though. The SQL databases come out of sync and that just starts the problem ball rolling!

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