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Unity Failover Hardware Questions

I want to add a failover Unity server. Does it have to be the exact same hardware platform as the primary? The documentation says it has to be the same platform overlay, but what does that mean? For example would an MCS-7835I work with a 7835H? How about a 7835 with a 7825?

We are currently running VM only with message store on the box. I'm assuming we will have to put the message store off the box on a separate Exchange server.

Thanks, Randy

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Failover Hardware Questions

1) You will have to move exchange/message store to another separate server. The unity servers in failover mode CANNOT be a domain controller.

2) We would prefer the unity pair to be identical hardware servers if possible but if not, then the second one has to be equal or more powerful than the first.

Given your current situation, you are probably better off if you buy two new servers for unity, and leave Exchange/AD on the current server.

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