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Unity failover licensing

Hello all,

Sorry for repeating this question, but some ambiguity on the licensing part of unity.. Scenario is.. i have a unity server (primary) with around 4000 mailboxes and 96 ports... the customer wants a failover for this box. Now, apart from the hardware, i had told him the following licenses:

1) unity server license (UNITY-FOVRSER4-32)

2) unity failover license (UNITYVM-FOVR-USR).

is there anything else that I should order ? are there any documents which says about the unity failover requirements ?

The customer has a unity server cd which he had ordered for some other location. can he use this for the failover box instead of buying a new FO server license?



Re: Unity failover licensing

The licenses are correct. You will need 4000 license for the failover and one for the server. For the failover server:

load the server just as you would any other Unity server. Make sure the version is the same as the primary, patches, etc. Everything must match.

Load the license on the primary server. Run the Failover wizard (follow instructions, etc)

Once the servers are replicating, the license bank will reflect this between the two.

Re: Unity failover licensing

are there any docs to confirm this ?

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