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Unity Failover Question(s)


I am going to be doing a Unity Failover install for the first time in a while. I have three questions:

1.) When you install the secondary server, do you connect it to Exchange prior to running the Failover Configuration Wizard? So do you essentially have two stand alone Unity servers connected to the same mailstore?

2.) What license file do you install on the secondary? I thought the FCW copied that licensing over.

3.) Given this is a 16 port Unity, would the secondary Unity use the same 16 ports on Call Manager in the event of a failure, or do you create a seperate 16 ports on Call Manager for the secondary server?



Re: Unity Failover Question(s)

hello John,

There are actually a couple of ways by which you can install the failover server.. i have attached a document which describes about the unity failover.. hope this is helpful...

2) you need to have a failover license for the secondary server . if there are 400 licenses on the primary, u need to have 400 failover license on the secondary server. This is a perseat license. (UNITYVM-FOVR-USR)

3) yeah. you will require the 16 port license on the secondary server also. this comes by default when you order the failover server license (microsoft/security licenses) (UNITY-FOVRSER4-32)

Hope this helps.. all the best.. rate replies if found useful..


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Re: Unity Failover Question(s)

Fortunately the failover configuration is pretty easy.

1) The server needs to be completely tested. You need to make sure that you can access and retrieve messages on the server. It doesn't copy over the connections, so yes, in essence it is a stand alone installation

2) Make sure you are already licesed for failover, and when the wizard is run it will copy over what it needs

3) You need to set up another set of ports on callmanager for the secondary server. See the integration documents for you version of CallManager

Here is the documentation you will need:

Unity Failover Configuration Guide

And the configuration guides for integrating with CallManager:

Good luck, it's just like the setting up takes longer to prep it, then it does to run the installation.

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