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Unity Failover

I have (2) Unity servers 7845 in failover configuration, and (1) 7825 for off-site storage. Will it work? I assume that the offsite storage box can be any model, and doesn't have to match the hardware for failover unity servers.


Re: Unity Failover

Can you elaborate a little more?

Unity Primary 7845

Unity Failover 7845

Off site Storage 7825? What is off site storage? Exchange? SQL? cold stand by server?

7825 only handles a certain amount of Unity traffic. 7845 I believe handles 7500 (and certain number of ports) subscribers. 7825 is quite less.

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Re: Unity Failover

Offsite Storage for Exchange Voice-Mail Only storage, not Unified Messaging.

Re: Unity Failover

typically, you want to have unity and exchange colocated. You can move Exchange to an offsite location, but it's not recommended. Unity needs to access to Exchange for MWIs, AD, etc. You could have problems with MWI failing to come on or coming out of sync if have bandwidth or latency problems.

As for the server, and 7825 would work fine. Just calculate the amount of voicemail storage, correct RAID for Exchange and you should be fine.

Also take note of which model 7825. If it's an H1 or H2 or i1 or i2, I would think twice about using this.

Now that I think about it, you are not required to use a MCS server as your Message store. If you want to use a third party server, Cisco allows this. (although for support purposes and hardware support, I would stay with the 7825-h3 for exchange or bigger)

hope this helps

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