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Unity - Greeting Player in Browser -- Java Issue



I have Unity conneciton 9.x,   The embed Java greeting player is not working..


I suspect one of these reason :

Java version ( too rescent )

Too much security on Java

Browser version issue


... I have try many thing,  lower security, try 3 different browser, but nothing.. .I can't see the player.


Anyone can suggest me something ?



Community Member

I have also run into this

I have also run into this issue and more than likely it is a Java security issue.  I googled around for a bit and from what I found you will have to add the server's URL to the security list in Java to resolve this.

Steps to add URL to Java in Win7

Click start and type Configure Java

Click on the Security Tab

Click on Edit Site List

Enter in the URL of your Unity servers

Example https://labunityserver/

Example https://labunityserver:8443


Also from what I found from google, it appears that it's best to put in URL in both ways I listed above.  And depending on how you enter the URL, you may need to put in the IP address as well if you access it that way.

Not sure if this is the same issue you are hitting or not, but give it a shot.




Community Member

I tried adding the url to the

I tried adding the url to the trusted sites in every way I could think of with no change.

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i run into this pretty often

i run into this pretty often - browser / java compatibility.  I've reached the point that I installed Java rev 1.6 (1.6.0_25) and stopped allowing it to update.  it took me a minute to find a version that was stable and functional, and once i did, i just kept it there.



Community Member

I was able to get it working

I was able to get it working with the old 1.6 version. 

Cisco Employee

Is there any error message?

Is there any error message? Or the Media Master is not seen at all? And complete Unity Connection version? Output of 'show version active'.


There are a few defects with Java 7 and CUC 9,

CSCum81926 - Media Master not working properly on Internet Explorer with java 7 
CSCug57088 - Cisco PCA Greetings Page Java Errors with JRE 7
CSCuo44795 - Media Master Java Error: Missing Required Permission manifest attribute
CSCug94328 - Not able to save recording in CPCA recorded via computer over Java 7 
CSCuo66204 - UC: Media Master issue 
CSCtw45908 - Trap call not woking on build CUC: 
CSCuo94694 - Media Master jar signing Certificate expiry issue 
CSCue74920 -  Media Master Playback& Recording and Help not working with win 7/java 7 


Also try this,

Go to Control Panel > Java > Advanced Tab > Disable Verification


There is a patch released by the developers for most of the defects. Either upgrade the server to a fixed version or open a TAC case to get the patch. The patch may not solve your issue and this could be a new issue as well. Happens all the time when Java releases new versions.




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