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Unity Guru's - Can I automatically sync WMI's more than once a day?

Hey guys, I been fighting this new Unity/Microsoft MAPI/CDO bug (CSCti70702)/ KB2405611) with my Exchange 2010 servers.  One of the symptoms is sporadic MWI on/off triggers to CM.  So I’ve had to manually sync the MWI’s via the Telephone Integration Manager.  Can anyone think of a way to run a resync job every x number of minutes until Microsoft can get this fixed?  The TIM will only do it once a day.

Thanks everyone!


Re: Unity Guru's - Can I automatically sync WMI's more than once


See this thread, I do not know if this is the case exactly, but can help in your issue

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Re: Unity Guru's - Can I automatically sync WMI's more than once

You can only schedule a resync for once a day.  You would not want to resync every few minutes throughout a business day because when you do an MWI resync, Unity can flood all the ports.  If you did this every few minutes, you would potentially seriously degrade the ability of users to access voicemail.

I've looked into that bug for other reasons; however, I've never seen any mention of symptoms related to MWI.  Where is that information coming from (curious)?


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Re: Unity Guru's - Can I automatically sync WMI's more than once

Regarding the MWI issue, one senario where it happens is when a user is listening to his/her last new vm and then deletes it. At that point if the CDO connection is dropped the subcriber hears the fail-safe message.  The message get's deleted but Unity is unable to query exchange to see that there are no more messages and doesn't extinguish the MWI.

With 900+ subscribers it happens a lot.  So every 1/2 or so I've been having to manually resync the MWI.  And there is no issue with "flooding" all the ports, since I only allow ports 95-99 for WMI dial-out.

I guess the bottom line is in a fully functionally Unity environment there is no need for more than a single WMI resync during a 24 hour period.

Thanks everyone


Re: Unity Guru's - Can I automatically sync WMI's more than once

When I mention flooding the ports, I brought that up since I've seen any number of Unity systems (large and small) in production environments and have helped a number of users here in the forum that do not dedicate ports to MWI.  Instead, it's not uncommon to find situations where all ports are set up to do everything.  So, it's good that you've at least got some ports dedicated to MWI. Honestly, if you have 900 subscribers and over 96 ports - you would never run into this anyway.  I've done installs where there are 4000+ users that only have 96 ports ... so no worries there.

The scenario you're talking about makes sense.  Ideally, no - you wouldn't need to mass reset the MWI on a healthy Unity system other than the scheduled UTIM operation.  In your case, sounds like it is warranted as a short-term tactical solution to a problem that is identified and not yet fixed.  However, as you know the UTIM only does this once a day and I do not know of any other way to schedule or invoke the resync operation outside of the manual method you are using now.


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