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Unity hang up if not a subscriber

Hi All

I have a 4.X Unity system that would hang up the call if you are not a subscriber on that Unity box.  Does anybody whether this security setting is in the Advance Setting Tools?


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity hang up if not a subscriber


This does not sound right.  Can you explain more of what the call flow is, where you're calling from, what you're pressing, etc?  There isn't any behavior in Unity that will just hang up on you if you're not a Unity subscriber.


Community Member

Re: Unity hang up if not a subscriber


I was surprised as well.  Basically there are two Unity servers.  When I am a subscriber on one Unity and  press the Messages Key it ask for the password.  If I dial the VM Pilot of the second Unity box the call just disconnect.  I checked the CUCM configurations and both pilots are on same partition and CSS is OK.  When the call disconnect there is no announcement.  I am really puzzled.


Re: Unity hang up if not a subscriber

Are these Unity servers a failover pair? Or are they two stand-alone servers?

If they are a failover pair, this may be expected behavior if the option for 'Force Failover if call arrives on inactive secondary' is not selected (Located within Failover Monitor). If a call arrives on an inactive secondary server, Unity won't be able to handle the call unless this forced failover is configured.

If they are each a stand-alone server, you may want to take a look at the call routing rules on the second server. By defualt, Direct Calls try to send a caller to sign-in if it recognizes the callerID. If not, it will send them to the opening greeting. (see attached screenshot).



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