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Unity holding "outside callers" voice messages, internal users are ok

We had a problem with exchange few days ago where we had to rebuild exchange so when we did this apparently unity and exchange didnt sync correctly, anyways unity was working fine after the sync althought for some reason now if an outside pstn caller will call an inside subscriber and leave a message, unity will not alert the subscriber neither by email or lcd message or MWI of the new message?. unity will only work properly between subscribers but not between pstn and a subscriber. we restart unity and all the old messages that were previously saved by unity start to come in. althought now MWI and LCD message is not working properly, now unity will only notify the subscriber of the new message via email, MWI or LCD message will not work? any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated, thank you


Re: Unity holding "outside callers" voice messages, internal use

Hi -

When you say you had to rebuild Exchange, did you lose the Unity_servername mailbox which is stored on the partner Exchange server? If this account no longer exists, here is a good link for recreating it (as well as further steps to troubleshoot) -

This mailbox is used to receive calls from outside callers.


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Re: Unity holding "outside callers" voice messages, internal use

Hi ginger,

First of all thank you for your time, actually the unity_ourservername mailbox is active in our exch server. At this point unity is only able to notify us of a new voicemail by receiving an email from unity, but there is no MWI or LCD message indicating that the subscriber have recieve a voicemail.

Thank you for your comments and your time, we still trying to figure out what is wrong

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Re: Unity holding "outside callers" voice messages, internal use

Have you tried the troubleshooting steps in the "Message Waiting Indicators (MWIs)" chapter of the troubleshooting guide for your release of Unity?

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