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Unity - How will this work

One of our customers has CallManager 4.0 and Unity 4.0 installed at their head office which currently only supports users at their HO. They want to extend this solution to meet the following requirement.

- They have around 200 retail stores

- They also have a number of Managers who are not located in the head office or at the stores but at other branch offices.

- The branch offices or stores do not have IP Telephony/Unity. Consequently neither Managers or stores have IP phones

- They would like to use Unity as a messaging system whereby

- A Manager should be able to dial in via the PSTN into the head-office and leave a message for a store (say for example the XYZ store which should have a mailbox in Unity)

- The XYZ store should be able to dial in and retrieve messages left for them by the Manager or may be another store.

- Similarly the XYZ store should be able to leave messages for say a Manager by dialling in.

Any ideas?



Re: Unity - How will this work

Create mailboxes for these users. Then, setup a DID number that is translated to the Unity hunt pilot when it hits Callmanager. So, when a user dials 123-555-1212, it is translated to 5000, for example. Now, when these remote users call in, they can press * when Unity picks up and they will be asked for their extension and password. At that point, they can send or listen to messages. You could also create alternate extensions that match the numbers from which they will be calling (mobile phone, office phone, etc.). This would allow the user to bypass entering their extension and only enter their password when calling in.

Hope this helps. If so, please rate the post.


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Re: Unity - How will this work

I entered in my cell phone number and called my desk phone and it still asked me for my ID.

I like the easy sign in option instead.

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Re: Unity - How will this work

If you just need simple Vmail boxes configure 200 mailboxes with transfer and MWI disabled for the stores and any additional for the managers. Users dial the pilot number and enter the mailbox number to leave a message

If you want it integrated (dial a separate number for each store or manager and have the mailbox greeting play automatically)You buy a block of 200 odd DID numbers from the Telco and have them routed through the existing PRI trunk on the CCM (I assume you are using digital trunks). Route the numbers through CCM to Unity and create matching mailboxes for each DID.

If you want it integrated with the forwarded external number (cell phone or store phone number) you have to ensure the Telco sends the original forwarded party information with the call. You may have to use translations in the CCM to manipulate the forwarding party number to send to Unity.

I would not bother trying to integrate the direct calls - just tell users to dial the pilot number, press *, mbx, # pwd - like all other external users


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