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Unity IMAP Access - Outlook 2016 - Can't Delete Message

Wondering if anyone else has seen this.  Attempts to delete a voicemail from an IMAP connection in Outlook 2016 results in an error message "The operation cannot be performed because the object has been deleted."  Marking as read correctly turns off MWI.  Marking as unread correctly turns on MWI, so the connection/communication works.  Worth noting...performing a Shift-Delete DOES work.

Google results all point to setting "inbox" as the root folder which doesn't change things.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Two things to try:

Two things to try:

1. Delete/readd the IMAP account

2. Run the inbox repair tool against your PST file -


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Thanks Brandon...but this

Thanks Brandon...but this problem is repeatable on multiple machines and starts from the instant you add the IMAP account so I don't think it's an issue with a file getting corrupt.

Second...IMAP uses .OST files, not not sure how the Inbox Repair Tool will help in this case....but again, it's not just one random user after some time.  It's everyone...and it just never works.

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The repair tool works on PST

The repair tool works on PST and OST files. However, if this happens with a new install it is unlikely to be a corrupt file. Do you have the latest updates for Office 2016. I saw posts regarding a similar issue with 2013 that was finally fixed with an update.

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Yep...latest updates of

Yep...latest updates of everything.

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Do you use Office365, or

Do you use Office365, or local Exchange?

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Local Exchange

Local Exchange

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Re: Unity IMAP Access - Outlook 2016 - Can't Delete Message

I have the same issue with Outlook 2016.  A workaround that seems to work is to open the voicemail message and press the Delete button instead of trying to delete the message from the inbox view.  

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