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Unity Installation


i am installing Unity 4.2.1 and i am having serious issues with the permissions wizard. When I go to choose a mailstore, i get a message teling me it could not find any windows 2000 mailstore. I am fllowing the Unity install PDf and have installed Exchange 2000. When i look under the System Managemnet in Exchange, I do not see the server option. Has anybody come accross this before and if so, have you got a workaround?


Re: Unity Installation

Is Exchange installed on the same server as Unity or on a remote server ?? Where are you running System Management tool from. From my past Experience, most common cause of this issue would be an installation error with Exchange.

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Re: Unity Installation

it is on the same server


Re: Unity Installation

Couple of things you can check here to confirm Exchange was installed correct.

- Do you see an M Driver on the server ?

- When you go to Active Directory Users and Computers, for a User, right click and select Exchange Tasks. Does this give you an option to Add/Delete a Mailbox for the user ??

And also ensure that Unity Install accounts have the right permissions before running Permission Wizard.

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Re: Unity Installation

during your exchange install, did you select microsoft exchange messaging and collabration? I think this is your problem

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