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Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

I want to centralize the voice mail to Unity for CCM and Nortel phones to gradually migrate the Nortel to Cisco.

I think QSIG is used between CCM and Nortel but not clear how the MWI works from Unity to Nortel phone. Can I have a technical brief how it works or a good reference?

Thanks in advance,

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

I suggest starting at the Cisco PBX Interoperability Portal.

Try to find the app note that most closely matches the products/versions that you will be using. If don't find anything useful there, then you might want to post more details on this forum about your config in hopes that someone else has already implemented the same thing. Also, you might have a better audience on the IP Telephony forum since really this is a PBX interop question. The voicemail system, Unity, will have no knowledge of the QSIG trunk in your config.


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Re: Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

Thanks Eric, Let me ask straightforward,


Can I use this configuration to support voice mail in Unity for the Nortel Phones?

I know the Nortel Phone able to leave VM to Unity via QSIG but not sure the MWI. If the MWI works in this configuration, want to know the operational behavior. I guess (I'm blind in Nortel) Nortel has an MWI pilot number such as 8000/8001(ON/OFF) and Unity sends to Nortel via QSIG 8000xxxx(or 8001xxxx) which same logic as CME/CUE.

Advise please,

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

Certainly QSIG can provide MWI as a supplementary service but it is really up to the PBX on whether or not it is implemented. You should be ok on the CCM side (as long as you're not running something really old).

On the Nortel side, I recently helped another site with a Nortel SL-100 where we eventually found Nortel documentation that very explicitly stated it would not do MWI over a PRI trunk, QSIG or otherwise. So if you've got an SL-100 you might need to look for other options. A Nortel CS1000, for example, might have a different story. So again, your best bet is to find the closest match(es) on the PBX Interop page that I linked to. They've been pretty good about including voicemail features (e.g. MWI) in the more recent interop testing. The CS1000 is one they've done a lot of work with.

Two other elements that I suggest watch for when doing such centralized VM deployments are

- Redirecting Number: When forwarding calls the far PBX (Nortel in this case) must pass the redirecting number to the near PBX (CCM) in order to send calls to the correct greeting. For what it's worth, the SL-100 I worked with recently had no problem with this.

- Path Replacement: The default transfer on a PRI trunk will be Transfer by Join. By itself, that'll create a lot of hairpinned calls if Unity is doing much AA transfers. Path Replacement is a supplementary service that'll help free up your b-channels after a transfer is released.

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Re: Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

I exactly configured CCM and 2821 voice gateway as the URL.

After leave a voice mail for Nortel phone, sending a traffic(I guess MWI) to Nortel via QSIG but no MWI light on in Nortel phone. Attached the q931 debugging and want to check anything can be found such as format mismatch (wrong packet sending by mis-configure in Cisco sie).


Thanks in advance,

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Re: Unity, integration to Nortel via QSIG

I did the reverse of what you want to do... I have a Cisco phone get voicemail from Meridian mail on the Nortel. I have a QSIG link between the two and didn't have to do anything special to get the lamp to light on the Cisco phone. It just "worked"...

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