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Unity Issue

What can be the possible causes of Voice Mails getting delayed on the Unity server? What are the places to trouble-shoot?


Re: Unity Issue

Check the event log in Unity to see if the Partner server is offline or can not connect. If the partner mail server (exchange or domino) is offline, the voicesmail will get stored on the Unity server until delivered.

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Re: Unity Issue

You'll want to be more specific when you say voice mails are being delayed.

Do you mean that you can actually see the messages being stored in X:\Commserver\UnityMTA directory on Unity?

Do you mean that the message waiting indicator is delayed when turning on for users?

You'll want to determine what is actually happening first in order to determine where to start troubleshooting.

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Re: Unity Issue

Did you check the time sync in unity and exchange .be more specific about problem


Re: Unity Issue


Also, is your Unity server integrated with Exchange or Lotus Domino?

Are the Exchange and Unity servers on the same LAN and are you using Unified messaging?

Sometimes delay can be attributed to mail store sizes etc. but it's hard to tell without more info..

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Re: Unity Issue

The other question I would ask is whether or not you mean that someone can check voicemail, it asks for their password, there is a delay and then Unity finally says "you have x number of messages." If that is the delay you speak of, it's usually a problem with network connectivity between Unity and Exchange if Exchange is on it's own server and not hosted on Unity. Here is a great doc regarding delays in conversation for Unity and Exchange. Please go through it.


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