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Unity Licensing Question


We have a main number that reaches an auto-attendant. When a user dials in, that's what they get. They must then dial the extension of the user. This works for most cases. However, we have phones in meeting rooms that don't belong to any one person. I therefore don't want to consume a Unity license to for the transfers. However, (other than DID) there's no other way for someone to reach this phone since the AA is the first thing that picks up.

So: Is there a way to create a phone/subscriber in Unity so that it doesn't occupy a license but will still transfer the call.

Using Unity 4.0.5.

Oh, and if you know, is there a way to do it in CUE as well?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Licensing Question

In Unity and Connection you can just use a call handler to do this - you can assign an extension and a transfer string to them just like call handlers and they do not burn a license and you can have as many of them as you like.

You can also use internet subscribers for the same purpose if you'd like to assign a name to it so they can be found by spelling the name in the name lookup handler - again, no license is required for these (they have no mailbox).

Finally, you can use the system transfer conversation in recent versions of Unity to let users "free dial" extensions if you like.

All three would work for dialing phones not associated with licensed subscribers and all 3 are free.


Re: Unity Licensing Question

System Transfer is probably the way to go. Remember to edit the CS_Default_System_Transfer restriction table to allow the numbers you want people to be able to dial. You can read all about it here:

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