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Unity Loop Detect

Does any one have a good document that explains the setup for Unity Loop Detect?

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Re: Unity Loop Detect

Is there something in particular you're looking for? The behavior here has changed somewhat between earlier and later versions of Unity - but in recent versions it's smart enough to know if you're looping on the same object (i.e. a call handler is looping around to itself) and it'll terminate the call if this happens 50 times. If the loop involves more than one object Unity is not going to detect it and it'll continue looping around (i.e. if you chain 2 or more handlers together in a circle). The only time this would be a problem is if for some reason a disconnect was missed (rare these days) and you'd end up "burning" a port.

Is there something in particular you're running into?

Re: Unity Loop Detect

I have a main number that goes to unity.. This is designated as the main unity number. I have a problem when I transfer to a another number it sends me back to the main number..It is creating a loop and unity has the ability to detect the loop. What do I need to do?

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