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Unity Message Notification - directory number variable?

Using Unity VMO 4.0.5 with Exchange 2K. Tested "integration" with Aspect ACD to provide ACD phones with Unity VMO. MWI is done via Unity Message Notification Work Phone using *2NNNN, where NNNN is the 4 digit mailbox id and ACD extension. CCM has route pattern that sends all *2NNNN calls to ACD which either turns the MWI light on or off. Question - is there a Unity system variable for the mailbox id, that could be used in a subscriber template to ease the subscriber create process? Subscriber Template Message Notification Work Phone would have the value *2?variable? so that admin does not have to update this field for each new subscriber.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Message Notification - directory number variable?

"X" is replaced by the primary extension number for the subscriber - this is used by convention for both the MWI dial string and the transfer dial string in the contact rules.

If you look at the default subscriber templates that are installed with Unity, they should already be set to "X".

If you set the template to "X1234", this will resolve to "5551234" if the subscriber's primary extension is 555. Should do what you want.

New Member

Re: Unity Message Notification - directory number variable?

I think I understand your recommendation. However, Unity VM only is actually integrated with CallManager- pilot number 3890. The psuedo integration with Aspect ACD is our home grown method, which is why I was going to use the Message Notification Work Phone *2xxxx. Just to give you the rest of our home grown method - ACD phone RNA or Busy goes to ACD coverage and ACD routes the call with dial string *xxxx to CCM which has Directory Number *xxxx associated with Voice Mail Profile with same Voice Mail Pilot number (3890), so the call goes to Unity - caller hears mailbox greeting and caller leaves message for ACD phone user in Unity mailbox. Unity Message Notification Work Phone sends *2nnnn to CCM which has Route Pattern to send call to ACD which is programmed to recognize a *2 to turn light on/off on xxxx phone. We have this working already in another CCM/Unity/ACD site - and want to use the same method here, but I am trying to streamline the admin process. Am I stuck with using the Work Phone and coding the *2nnnn on each sub?

I think this may be so because I put a *2X in the MWI Extension field of test mailbox 2345 - no CCM phone with this DN. I created a CCM translation pattern *2xxxx to change the number to 3272 - a PBX phone to ring - just for testing. After leaving a message in mailbox 2345, I didn't get a call on 3272, but if I use the Work Phone Msg Notification, I do get a call on 3272.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Message Notification - directory number variable?

A different trick you might try would be to use the Alternate MWI Methode feature on Unity. Typically this is used to send out-of-band serial MWI requests (e.g. SMDI) but I _think_ it might also work for dialing MWI FACs.

The general idea (shown for serial MWI) is shown here...

To do in-band DTMf MWI dialing, you'll want something like this in the switch ini file...

[Alternate MWI]







Then a ZX in the MWI extension field for your subscriber will tell Unity

Z : use this alternate method

X : use the subscriber's primary DTMF access ID as the extension

This _should_ cause Unity to dial *2xxxx as you desire. You will need to restart Unity for the changes to get picked up though. If this works, you should consider using different on/off codes. Having the same code for both functions could lead to issues.


New Member

Re: Unity Message Notification - directory number variable?

I followed your directions on my test Unity/CCM servers. Some good news - after leaving a message in mailbox 3272, the 3272 PBX phone rings 3 times and stops, but keeps calling 3272 over and over. When I pickup 3272 handset, I hear the Unity voice prompting for various menu choices. The subscriber MWI status shows MWI notify failed. Any help is appreciated, thanks.