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Unity message notification


I want unity to send messeage notification to the outlook client.

Customer Unity is in domain "abc",it is VM only. Customer exchange server is in domain "xyz". In unity "subscriber-message notifications-textpager 1" I have put in his real email adress in the "to" field. Now, something has to be done in the unity/exchange server for this to happend but I have no Idea. I am a beginner in the Unity/exchage part.



Re: Unity message notification

In order to send messages from Exchange to another mail server you will need to configure the Exchange Gateway.

Check this link:

The Exchange gateway is an interface that connects one electronic messaging system to another electronic messaging system that has a different message and address format. The gateway receives the e-mail message, translates it from one format to the other, maps addresses between the two systems, and then delivers the translated message.

Please remember that Unity will forward this VM notification to the in-box Exchange and this Exchange server will try to forward this mail to the right domain "xyz", so we need to let this Exchange know how to address this messages.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Unity message notification

You can also create a DNS zone with forward lookup for your production (xyz) domain. In this zone, you can create a host record pointing to your e-mail server. You then create an MX record pointing to the host record you just created. This will allow exchange to route messages accordingly.

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