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Unity Message Store Offline Defrag

I recently ran into some issues with our off-box message store, and all of the research I came across pointed to performing an offline defrag of the message store. I also came across information regarding how long it would take, about 1 hour per 5Gb.

Say I have a message store that is 76Gb, but only 11Gb of that actually contains messages. The rest is empty whitespace. Can I assume that I will be looking at a 15 hour defrag based on the total size, or maybe just a 2 hour defrag based on the size minus the whitespace.



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Re: Unity Message Store Offline Defrag

I am not officially sure as this is a Microsoft function you are doing. Always err on the side of caution and do this over a weekend and expect 15 hours if you can't find any information otherwise.



Re: Unity Message Store Offline Defrag

Hi Adam,

It's difficult to tell to be honest and depends on how much of the database is empty.

More info can be found here, unfortunately there's no definitive answer but 15hrs sounds like a good estimate:

Definitely go with caution and schedule the necessary downtime. I've run offline defrag's overnight before but it all depends on your companies policy.

You might also want to configure circular logging and other maintenance tasks if you've been having problems with Exchange database sizes etc.

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