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Unity Message Store


If I have a need to get Unity installed but not access the already existing Exhcnage server can I just install the version of Exchange that comes with Unity on the Unity server? I only need to give voice-mail access to users but the license is for unified.

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Re: Unity Message Store

Depends on the amount of users. If the enviroment is small, you can setup your own domain for the Unity VMO setup.

one server, follow the Unity install guide:

- install OS/patches

- install SQL/patches

- install "Messaging store" aka exchange on the same machine

- install unity

Here is the trick though. Since Unity can't "co-exists" with your VMO only domain, you will want to create your VMO Subscribers with the same Alias as your production Exchange server. This way, if ever decide to migrate your VMO subscribers to Unified Msg platform, it will be very easy to forklift them over.

If I were you, I would just create them in UM now if you have the chance. Use your existing Exchange platform and AD. It will be much simplier. But VMO does have it's advantages..

hope this helps.


Re: Unity Message Store

If you're going to install as voicemail only, you can install Exchange on the Unity server. Installing Exchange on the Unity server is supported for voicemail only installations, but not for unified messaging. Take a look at the following links.

Cisco Unity 4.1 and 4.0 System Requirements, and Supported Hardware and Software, and Support Policies

Installation Guide for Cisco Unity Voice Messaging with Microsoft Exchange 2003/2000 (Without Failover), Release 4.0(5) and Later

Hope this helps.


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