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Unity message waiting notification


We are running unity 4.2 with outlook integration (viewmail)

Our problem is the following: if a user A leave a voice message to user B . this user B receives the voicemail in his outlook and forward this mail to user C and A. The user A will have the red ligth on the phone and the status bar will display "You have a new voicemail" : this is not correct !!!

Is there a way to restrict the message waiting indicator (regarding the sender for example ?)


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity message waiting notification


Based on your description above (I hope I understand this), both users A and C should have MWI lighted, since they both just received a new vmail from user B (would be the same as if user B called into Unity, listened to the vmail message from User A, then forwarded that vmail message to users C and A).

Unless I have misunderstood your description above, what you are seeing is expected behavior.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Unity message waiting notification


Yes and No :-)

the problem is that the user A will listen his own voicemail . For example he hasn't his outlook open and only see the red ligth on : he will listen the voicemail thinking it's a real new one but it's the one he has just left to somebody else . In his outlook ,he will understand that the person he has left a message has forwarded again the mail to another person and copy him !!!

sorry it's difficult to explain . It 's true also that it's a special case that happens only a few times.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity message waiting notification

When UserB forwards the message, he should record an Introduction. This is the only way to indicate that UserB is not the original sender of the message when either recipient (UserA or UserC) retrieve the message via the TUI.

Re: Unity message waiting notification

You have it set up correctly, but the problem is that you are leaving the "forwarded" voicemail in users B inbox. Even though it has been forwarded, Unity will scan the inbox of this subscriber for unread voicemails, regardless of what Outlook rule was applied to this type of message.

Change your Outlook to forward and delete this message in your rule wizard. This should take the MWI indicator off subscriber B. (but still light up A and C as it was)


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