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Unity Messaging cut off

Hello, We are running unity 4 and we are having some issues with intermintant cut offs. Users will be mid message and get a prompt that asks them to press 1 to continue recording. The max message lenght is set at 480 seconds and we allow for a 10 second pause and in all cases they are mid sentence with no pause and right around 1 to 1 1/2 minutes into the message so neither of those items should be playing into it. Has anyone seen this before. Im at a loss since I cannot duplicate the problem myself. Thanks

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Re: Unity Messaging cut off

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Re: Unity Messaging cut off

We arent using a dialogic card. We have the standard Unity 4.1.3 system with no add on products. This is a new install. We have 1 CM and one Unity server. The problem is intermitent and I cant seem to duplicate ever. Only heard about it from others. When I listen to the recordings of the calls over TelRex there is no silence but I minor skip in the recording.

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Re: Unity Messaging cut off

I think your issue may be due to the volume of the caller. You don't notice it when you listen to recordings because Unity tries to maintain the level at –26 decibels. However, there is a silence detection threshold and if the volume is below that, then unity thinks the person has stopped talking and after a few seconds, asks if the you want to continue recording.

Please see this link for turning on traces.

Volume Levels and Gain Control

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