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Unity messaging problems

Hi, can anyone please help with this problem? I have a Unity 4.0 Build 4.0(5) with CallManager 4.1(3)sr2 and exchange 2003 enterprise edition SP2.

When calling an extension internally, on no answer call goes to voicemail, leave a message and hang up and MWi set at phone and email sent to inbox.

But, if you ring DDi number, call goes to mailbox plays greeting and you leave a message but that message does not get delivered to exchange and no MWI set!

Any ideas??

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Re: Unity messaging problems

I have just found out that messages from external sources are stuck in the unitymta folder!!

I've rerun the permissions wizard and still not working. Any ideas?

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Re: Unity messaging problems

have you tried restarting the unity mta service? In services...

Re: Unity messaging problems

Have you update the TSPs software to the latest and greatest on Unity? This is usually the problem with odd behavior. You can check your TSP version in Unity by opening up your Unity Itegration Manager. The first screen on the right should show your TSP mananger with CallManager

8.1.2 are the most current and should be used. Old TSP's have strange issues and this may be one of them.

If you think it's a messaging store issue, go the users Profile, click on Messages.

Here, you can force a MWI resync just for this subscriber and it will tell if you the light is on/off. If it's "pending" you know you have issues with the store then. Unity can't read the inbox on Exchang of that subscriber.


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Re: Unity messaging problems

Rerun the Message store configuration wizard. That might fix your problem.

What it seems like to me, something happened to the mailbox that is used when a message is sent from a non-subsciber. That mailbox is called something like Unity_ or something like that. Anyways if you have already run the Permission Wizard then try and re-run the Message store wizard again, that should recreate that mailbox for you.

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Re: Unity messaging problems

Thanks for all you relpys.

This was strange - I ran the permissions wizard and it failed on permissions to a location on one of the exchange servers that we weren't monitoring so I didnt worry about it - however, I told the customer that we would have to get that issue resolved though before raising a TAC case and low and behold - as soon as that was sorted untiymta started delivering the voicemail messages (all 500 of them lol)

Cheers all.

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Re: Unity messaging problems

Hi, since the installatio of this patch on my Exchange 2003 SP2 server I got the same problem:

MS06-029 - Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Server Running

Outlook Web Access Could Allow Script Injection (912442)

- Affected Software:

- Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2

- Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1

- Exchange 2000 Server Pack 3 with the August 2004 Exchange 2000

Server Post-Service Pack 3 Update Rollup

- Impact: Remote Code Execution

- Version Number: 1.0


The way to resolve the problem is to remove the KB912442 (MS06-029) from your Exchange Server, and after rebooting you exchange, rerun the Unity Permission wizard, at the top level of your AD.

Reboot the Unity service and Voila !

Re: Unity messaging problems

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this or? Had a client install the KB912442 with other updates on their exchange server only and same problem happened (so far).

I see this as a recommended patch for Exchange 2003 SP2 on the unity doc, but it is not listed under Exchange 2003 SP1 in that doc.

Does anyone have KB912442 (MS06-029) working fine with Exchange 2003 SP1 or SP2 with Unity 4.0(5)?

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