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Unity Messaging question.

I'm getting a message over the phone that says " Your messages are not available now." While all other functions seem to be working except the messge lamps. Running Unity 7.0, any ideas?


Re: Unity Messaging question.

Unity 7.0 lost the connection to your message store.  Check to make sure Exchange is running correctly (Your
message store) on your network.  Unity will take messages while the message store is offline or unreachable.  It will not be able to play messages until the store is reconnected.

Can you check the Eventvwr on the Unity 7.0 server.

Also, have you made any changes to Exchange or rebooted, etc.

Is this UM unity or voicemail only?

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Re: Unity Messaging question.

Our exchange folks recently went to exchange 2010, I'll check th eevent viewer and also get the excj=hange guys to take a look. It is UM Unity.

Thanks for the quick response. I figgered it was the message store but I'm kind ignorant server wise, just an old telephone man.

Re: Unity Messaging question.

You will need to do the change in Unity and also on Exchange 2010 powershell

script. Let me find the document for you...

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 1:30 PM, terryskelton <

Re: Unity Messaging question.

Here is one doc:

But download the Permissions Wizard, rerun and switch 2010. Then run the

Message Store Wizard from add/remove programs on Unity (be logged at the

console for all this also). Switch to 2010. it will spit out a powershell

script to be ran on the Exchange 2010 server. Once it runs, wait a couple

minutes everything to sync, then proceed back at the Unity server. Once it

completes, you should be all set and homed to the new 2010 server.

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Re: Unity Messaging question.

Thanks again, the server guys are working on that now.

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