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Unity Migration On box to Off Box

I have to do a Unity migration this weekend and I just want to get any comments on the situation and my plan.

My company just took over an account with a Unity box that needs to be rebuilt because the previous vendor made some mistakes and the customer want to start fresh. Here is the situation: Unity 4.03 is a member server in the domain, and is running Exchange 2000 on box for VM only. Until now, Unity was the only Exchange server in the environment. The customer is moving to Exchange as their email platform and, as part of the Unity rebuild, is going to go to Unified Messaging with an off box Exchange 2003 server (this will eventually become their email and voicemail store). They have bought the necessary licenses.

The Exchange vendor has already installed the new Exchange 2k3 server and we can see it through Unity Exchange System Mgr. In fact, we have moved a couple of test mailboxes off of the Unity server to the new Exchange server and tested that voicemail still works.

So, the plan is to do a Dirt backup of the Unity server, uninstall Exchange on the Unity server, and then wipe the Unity box clean and rebuild it as a member server, install Exchange 2003 Management tools, and then point at the new off-box server. My thinking is that Dirt will restore the Unity box and link up subscribers with their AD accounts and mailboxes. Hopefully, this should be pretty straightforward, but I wanted to know if I missed anything. I plan to remove the Unity computer name in AD, the Unity_servername account and also the Unity users necessary for install and recreate them during the rebuild.

Is there anything elso I should be concerned with?

As always, I appreciate all of the great feedback from the forum.

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Re: Unity Migration On box to Off Box

Your plan sounds fine - check out the DiRT help file for details about how it hooks up with existing accounts in the directory vs. creating new ones - you'll find it on it's home page here:

You may also want to review the reconfiguraiton guide for Unity - it covers migrations like this:

The big thing here is the hooking up to existing accounts vs. creating new ones - it's critical that the mail nickname (alias) on the existing VM only configuration matches the new installation's conventions - I find this is often not the case for all users. In that case DiRT will create new users in the directory on the fly. Make sure you understand how that process works (covered in the DiRT help file) before proceeding.

If you end up with new accounts created for your old VM users because their aliases didn't match, you can use the Migrate Subscriber Data component found in the Global Subscriber Manager tool to get their Unity data off the new accounts and onto the existing corporate email accounts that you want them on - it can be a bit tedious to do this for each and every user in a large install, though.

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Re: Unity Migration On box to Off Box

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response, it makes me feel more confident in this install. I think I should be okay with the aliases because all of these users live in the existing AD already, with their associated Exchange alias. Those accounts will not change in AD or Exchange during the process. In fact our plan is to move all of the mailboxes off of Unity to the new server before we rebuild Unity. That way, the Dirt restore should see an AD account with an Exchange mailbox and should create the subscribers from there, without creating any new AD users.

This was a VM only install, but Unity did not belong to a different (dummy) domain, instead it linked into their existing AD, and since that will not change, I think I should be fine. The mailboxes will just live on another server.

If there is a flaw in my thinking could someone please let me know?

Thanks again.

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Re: Unity Migration On box to Off Box

No flaw... that sounds right. If the AD accounts stay the same everything should match up just fine.

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Re: Unity Migration On box to Off Box

We ran dirt and it tried to add users to ad that it could not find. It created them but disabled account and didnt give them a mailbox. We enabled the account and gave it an exchange box and pulled up Migrate tool and I can not see them in the AD portion of the migrate subscriber data tool. HELP

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