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Unity Move Mailbox

Is there a tool that will move mailboxes off of my Unity Voicemail Only server to another Exchange Server in our organization?

We have a Unity Voicemail Only server as well as a Unity Unified Messaging server. The mailboxes for users on our Unified server are stored on our main Exchange E-mail server.

When we installed our Voicemail Only server, we elected to keep those mailboxes local on the physical Voicemail Only server. It seems to me that we should move those mailboxes to our main Exchange Server so that we can back them all up without having to invest in additional Exchange Server Backup Agents. To do this, we need to move existing Voicemail Only mailboxes to our main Exchange Server. I don't see a tool to do this.

Are we correct in our thinking? If so, how do we move mailboxes between Exchange Servers?

Thanks for any thoughts or comments!


Re: Unity Move Mailbox

Hi -

Are your Unity voicemail server (onbox Exchange) and UM server partnered with offbox Exchange in the same Active Directory forest, domain, and Exchange organization? If they are, you can use Active Directory Users and Computers to move the user's mailbox. Right-click the user and select Exchange Tasks - Move mailbox. If the servers are in two different AD forests, this becomes more difficult to manage, but still do-able. Here is the Cisco document ( a bit dated) for moving subscriber mailboxes -

If your Unity servers are in different AD forests, you might look at this document -

It wouldn't hurt to check with TAC also.


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