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Unity Multi-tenant Sign In Exit Problem

We are setting up Unity (4.0.4 SR1) for a multi-tenant environment. We have call handlers setup for another location and have removed almost all access to the default call handlers. (Opening greeting, Goodbye, and Operator) Our goal is for someone dialing this location to never hear any of the default call handlers.

Currently there is only one way I’ve been able to get to the defaults. When a caller, either internal or external, gets to a place to enter their user id and they enter a valid id (pushing the message button on the phone gives the same results) the system prompts them for their password. If they just push # at that time, they hear the Opening greeting. I haven’t found anyway to change this.

I’ve been testing this with my personal account and anywhere I’ve found a call handler, I’ve set it to goodbye instead of the opening greeting. No matter what I do it still takes me to the opening greeting when I push # at the password prompt. We are having a few messages that are being left in the default administrator’s mailbox and want to avoid this.

The only thing I’ve been able to find is that the SignIn script sends an Exit Event when # is pressed. Under subscriber, then conversation, I have “When exiting the conversation” set to the call handler for goodbye.

Any ideas?

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Re: Unity Multi-tenant Sign In Exit Problem

This is not adjustable - I note this and a couple other pitfalls to trying to do a multiple tenant setup in the "Audiotext applications in Unity" paper out on the documents page of

In the sign in conversation if we don't know who you are (you have not authenticated after all) we have no way of pulling a per user "exit destination" or the like - and since the sign in conversation is global we can't have different destinations based on how they accessed it. So for the moment there is no way to customize the exit point - it's hard coded to the opening greeting in that scenario.

Down the road I wanted to do a "Breadcrumb" trail approach here where a failed sign in will spring the user back to the object they were on when they accessed sign in (i.e. a call handler or subscriber's greeting or the like) - which would do what you want in most cases here. But that's not on deck for a current release at this point.

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Re: Unity Multi-tenant Sign In Exit Problem

Thank you for the quick reply!

I was afraid that was the case. Hopefully we won’t have too much of that situation happening!

I read through the paper, but I must have skipped that part. That paper was a great help as well!

Thank you!

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