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Unity MWI Issues - Need Assistance Soon!

I currently have Unity 4.0(5) tied to an Exchange 2003 SP1 store. I have 8.1(1) TSP installed and its configured for encryption with CCM 4.1(3)sr2.

I can create a user within Unity Admin and Create a Subscriber and its mailbox is also created on the store.

I can access Voice Mail box and setup my greeting and name. I can leave a message and after about 30 seconds the MWI lite comes on. When I check my VM and then delete it the MWI never goes out. If I go into the UnityAdmin and click on refresh the MWI status and the lite goes out.

Sometimes the Initial MWI to turn "on" does not work until I refresh it.

I see thru port status the call going in and out of the MWI ports, but after I click on refresh MWI. It seems that Unity knows that there is a change but does not do anything manually?

Has anyone experienced this?



Cisco Employee

Re: Unity MWI Issues - Need Assistance Soon!

First, if you need assistance soon, you need to open a TAC case - this forum is not meant as a replacement for getting proper technical assistance on issues like this from TAC. Troubleshooting potentially complex problems such as MWI issues is not practical in a forum setting such as this.

My first guess is that Unity is not getting notified of inbox changes when they happen in a timely fashion (or at all) in some of your test scenarios - but that's just a guess without looking at logs and such (something TAC can do for you). You may try restarting the AvMsgStoreMonitorSvr which is the guy that logs into everyone's mailbox for notification events on state changes to your inbox - it triggers MWIs and all other notification devices.

If can take a while for it to run through all mailboxes and log in so don't be starting and stopping it all the time but if for whatever reason our link to the mailbox goes "stale" (numerous MS MAPI problems along these lines have been fixed along the way) this can clear it. But if we're turning the lamp on but not off, it speaks to another class of problem entirely.

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Re: Unity MWI Issues - Need Assistance Soon!


Thanks for the response and the next time I will not put what you requested in the Subject line.


What are the traces that I could turn on to track down such an issue?

Would it be message tracking and logging on the excahnge server?

Also is there a section in the Unitytools just related to such an issue?

When it receives a new message what is the exact thing Exchange sends out for message notification? Are there AD objects that Unity Monitors? like deleted objects?

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity MWI Issues - Need Assistance Soon!

Of course my original reccomendation of contacting TAC is still your best option here...

but you can also check out a few tech tips on MWI issues here:

search for "MWI" and "Notification" - there's 3 or 4 of them out there on delayed MWI's and such - might get you started.

The notification come from Exchange via MAPI - we have a handle to everyone's mailbox and when anything changes (we don't know necessarily what) we get a "State changed" event and we truck out there to see what messages you have in your inbox. Exhange is often not sophisticated enough to tell you which message caused the change trigger or the like so we have to do most of the heavy lifting figuring out if we need to take action or not.

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