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New Member

Unity Networking and PIMGs

Will Dual Integrations for CCM and PIMG work for the following scenario. (This is a Voice Mail only Solution)

2 Unity Servers runing version 4.1.1

Bot are running dual integrations. I would like Cross box login to work, but docs say it is not supported. Has anyone got this to work.

Other question is using the Directory Handler on Box A to have a calls forwarded to a user's phone that has vm on Box B. I would think this should work. Also transfering vm between servers should be ok as well since this is an internal process for Unity.

Please shed some light on this


Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

Need a little bit more information in regards to Box A and Box B.

Sounds like you have:

CCM with Unity A

PBX with Unity B connect via PIMG

If Unity A and B are in same AD domain, Unity Networking will take care of the message forwarding, etc. Exchange is the backend, so it will take care of this no problem when Unity Digital Networking is enabled.

For Cross Login, I'm a little cloudy on this. Do you mean cross login for TUI access or ?

New Member

Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

Cross box login....

We are wanting only one pilot number for the Nortel Users. Box A will answer the call but if the user's vm box is on box B, will this work... Yes it is TUI Access only.

Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

If you have digital networking, Cross login should work fine. The PIMG will work the same way.

It would be ideal if you could have all users come in from the CallManager side. It seems to handle the digits sometimes better than the PIMG.

New Member

Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

That's the way we are setting it up.... Hopefully it will work.... As for the Directory Handler... What is your input on the the actual transfer (handoff) to a user that is found in on the PIMG integration.... Will it be transfered correctly if the user is on the other Unity Server's UTIM????? That is what may be tricky??

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

I'm guessing the doc your concerned about is the Networking in Cisco Unity Guide. In particular the "Phone System Considerations for Cross-Server Features" section of the Cross-Server chapter. The issue here is that the handshaking between Unity servers during cross-server features is very DTMF heavy. The quality will vary greatly once you start sending these calls across gateways, PBXes and PSTNs. In many cases, the delay during the handoff will result in a very poor user experience.



Re: Unity Networking and PIMGs

Thats the doc I was looking for.

The other option, is to create a CallHandler with instructions to dial by extension. This way, the caller will here:

If you know your parties extension, please 1. Then configure 1 to go to System transfer. and the calling partying can enter in the digit extensions, transfer it the CCM or Nortel switch and the let the switch take care of the transfer.

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