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Unity Networking VMO and Unified Messaging Issue

We are on Unity v4.0(5) and have two servers. One is licensed for Voicemail Only and the other is licensed for Unified Messaging. Unity Networking is configured and appears to be working, except...

On our Unified Messaging Server, we have some users configured to use their regular Exchange mailbox for messages and are therefore "unified messaging", while others use a different mailbox just for their voice messages. Not everyone needs the "unified" features so we are not giving that capability unless needed.

We have configured a user on the VMO server. In trying to transfer messages between the two servers, we see the following:

VMO users can only find true Unified users in the directory and transfer messages to them. So, they do not find users who have a separate voicemail mailbox on the Unified server.

Anyone on the Unified server can find anyone on either server.

Why can't a VMO user find a non-Unified (as described above) on the Unified server? I don't know if I have a configuration issue, or if it just won't work this way.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction you can provide!


Re: Unity Networking VMO and Unified Messaging Issue


On your unified messaging server, you need to create two Active Directory accounts, each with their on Exchange mailbox: one account/mailbox for emails and one account/mailbox for voice mails. Of course they can't have the same alias. So for example, my alias for my email is navinger. For voice mail, it could be navinger-vm (or something like that). If you're importing the Active Directory users into Unity, just make sure you get the account that you setup for voice mail. (Or you can just create the create the subscriber in Unity and let Unity deal with creating the AD account and Exchange mailbox.) For these voice mail only subscribers, be sure to specify that the subscriber should not be listed in the email server address book. In the Unity System Administrator, this setting is on the Subscriber > Profile page and on the Subscriber Template > Profile page. You can also modify this setting using Bulk Edit.


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