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Unity Not Placing Internal Calls to Called Subscriber?s Mailbox

The scenario:

Host site has CallManager 4.1 and Unity 4.0(3) (To be upgraded to 4.2 soon) with a 2821 acting as the gateway with a PRI for inbound/outbound PSTN call.

Two remote sites running CME 3.3 on a 2811, each supporting approximately 15 users.

Remote sites will connect back to host via point-to-point T1s (was connected via Frame, but we found it cheaper to switch to P2P since most traffic is Intrastate and we received deep discounts). Each remote site has a 4FXS/FXO card with two B1s providing local services.

Currently, this system is up and running, host site uses extension 100-299 for subscriber DNs and 300-316 for VoiceMail. Remote sites are extensions 500-529 and 530-559. Remote sites can call host and each other with no problem. Host can call each remote site.

The problem, when a host (or remote for that matter) subscriber calls a subscriber?s extension at a remote and there is no answer, the call is forwarded to 300 (the Unity VM Hunt Pilot) and Unity recognizes the calling party as a subscriber to unity and dumps them to their own mailbox, not the called subscribers.

Do I need to create a separate integration for the CME sites in Unity? I read Cisco Unified CallManager Expres 3.x Integration Guide for Cisco Unity 4.0 but it made no mention of if you already had a CallManager integration using all the Unity ports available.

Suggestions would be most welcome.

On a side note, I have the system configured to use G.729 for calls across the WAN with transcoding enabled on the remote site ends. Do I need to configure hardware transcoding on the 2821 at the host side also?

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Re: Unity Not Placing Internal Calls to Called Subscriber?s Mail

No, you should not need dedicated Unity ports connected to the CME for handling incoming calls. You may however need dedicated ports to send MWI to the CME, but that's a different thread.

For your incoming calls, open up Call Viewer on the Unity system. Use this to verify the call info that is found on the incoming calls. These calls _should_ be showing up as forwarded calls with the redirecting DN as the forwarding number. If that's not happening then you'll need to look deeper into the call routing between CCM and CME to see where the call info might be getting mishandled. If the Call Viewer data looks right, then you'll need to dig into Unity's routing to see where it might be going astray.



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Re: Unity Not Placing Internal Calls to Called Subscriber?s Mail

Thanks for you reply, Eric. I followed your suggestion and checked the call viewer to see what I am getting. A normal internal call from CM station to CM station displays as Fwd(Ring no answer) with the forwarding station as the called party's station.

An internal call from a CM station to a CME station shows as Direct with no forwarding station.

I have the following lines in my CME Ephone-DN configuration:

call-forward busy 300

call-forward noan 300 timeout 24

300, as I stated in the previous message, is our VM Hunt Pilot. Should I not be forwarding the calls in this manner?

Thanks again,


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