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Unity Ordering

Can anyone please advise what this part number UNITY-FOSVR-17-32 stands for ?

I need to create a unity BOM with failover option. Is the above part number is Software only or it includes the hardware as well ? I could not find any related documentation describing the failover part number ?

any help would be appreciated ( plus rates)


Re: Unity Ordering

When you license failover server for unity you have to mirror the ports as well as end-user licenses. UNITY-FOSVR-17-32 is a part number for the failover ports. upto 32 ports.

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Re: Unity Ordering

No sure I got you.

what about the hardware server , do i have to order a spearate MCS or it is already this part number

Re: Unity Ordering

You need a separate MCS server for the failover server (same class as your primary server). If you are using a VM only server with failover, you need to move Exchange off-box, which means you need a third server for Exchange.

Unity VM with failover:


UNITY-FOVRSVR4-32 (for up to 32 ports)

UNITYVM-FOVR-USR (for each VM user you have, you will need a failover VM user)


Unity UM with Failover


UNITY-FOVRSVR4-32 (for up to 32 ports)

UNITYUM-FOVR-USR (for each VM user you have, you will need a failover VM user)



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Re: Unity Ordering

Sankar : my question is

The "UNITY-FOVRSVR4-32" part number is the MCS hardware ?? or the unity failover software ??? or both ??

hope this clarifies the question

Re: Unity Ordering

Its a license for 32 ports (software component)

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Re: Unity Ordering

but the price list is higher than the unity software itself althought it is a failover.

I'm in doubt that it is a software only as i google the part number and some sites show the category as a hardware.

Do you have any cisc documentation that show the description of this part number

Sorry for asking for more details. Thanks for understanding

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