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Unity passwords

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know if there is a way to pull voicemail passwords out of the SQL database? I am at a customer site and having to do a very manual migration from one Unity server to another (digital networking is not an option). I have been able to make the move virtually transparent to the end user except for the voicemail password. We are trying to do this after hours so there is no user interaction required. Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Unity passwords

If you used the DIRT backup, it should have grabbed everything you need. You just need to do a DIRT backup on the old server, DIRT import to the new (same version unity) server. It should have all the same settings..


Re: Unity passwords

Hey Tommer,

DiRT was not an option for this particular situation. Everything is being done manually due to a particular set of unusual circumstances. I wish I could have used DiRT and my life would be less stressfull right now.

Any other ideas or anyone else?

Re: Unity passwords

If you use Unity Tools, and Data Link Explorer, you can see the password, but it's encrypted. I am not sure if the actual cell in SQL shows if you do a query on it with Enterprise manager. You can at least find where it is in SQl with the Data Link Explorer.

Worst case with the PWs... they will just need to reset their Unity PIN/PW when they login for the first time. You can do a Bulk Edit and change everyone's PIN to something easy and then set it to Change at Next login. Communicate the change out to the users and you are set.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity passwords

The PW's are hashed with MD5 (in Connection SHA1 is also an option) - you can't, of course, figure out what they are but you can copy them over blindly and they'll work.

You'll see in the Subscriber table the column PwDTMF - this is the hashed phone password - it's just a string. It shows up in CUDLE or Query Builder or Enterprise Manager or whatever. You'll have to cart them over on your own - none of the tools on the box are configured to export/import the PW field. CUDLE lets you dump a query out to a CSV file easily, though, so it should be doable - just run a query in CUDLE's query builder - "SELECT Alias, PwDTMF from Subscriber" and on the results table right click and choose to save the entire result set as a csv file.

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