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Unity - Question on Porting Handlers

Customer seems to have an old 4.X Unity and wants to go to Unity 7.X - Unity Connection on a brand new server and new location.

One application which is an sutoattendant that does time of day and holdiay checks. Is there a way to port that handler from the old box to the new box?

Is there any export / import capability? Thanks.

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Re: Unity - Question on Porting Handlers


COBRAS will do what you're looking for as far as exporting the call handlers and schedules.  Check out the Help file for more info:

However, you also will want to check out what data does not get backed up with COBRAS here:

Here's a snippit of this with references to your Holiday question:

Unity data not backed up or not fully restored in Connection

Holiday information from Unity.  System schedules are      backed up as much as possible (Connection and Unity have different levels      of detail for schedules), but no holiday data is included from Unity      backups.  Unity treats holidays as      system wide and good for the entire day, Connection treats holidays as per      schedule and can be defined down to the minute.  Note that Connection backups do include      holiday information and they are restored properly.

Hope that helps,


Re: Unity - Question on Porting Handlers

With the added information from Brad (Great!) i'd recommend watching the help videos also on the unitytools website.  My approach is to have the customer go through the current Call Handlers.  Are they any that can be cleaned out or deleted?  Are they even configured correctly?  I have come across many Unity servers that have dead or unoperational Call Handlers.  Why port over bad data right?! 

Typcially, you will have to move over the Subscribers first.  If you do not and then move the Call Handlers first, you will have dead transfers if they referred toa  subscriber anywhere.   If it is not possible, you will need to document each Call Handler on where they transfered to or routed the message to, then reconnect these settings after the subscribers have been moved over.

One thing I have not tried is to move over the Subscribers, but let COBRAS pick the default user or a call handler owner.  Once they are tested, go back and move the subscribers, then re-run COBRAS import for Call Handlers and see if it links up the owners, transfers, etc.


Re: Unity - Question on Porting Handlers

In addition to COBRAS help, look at this presentation.  It will tell you a ton about COBRAS and provide a sample Unity to CUC migration.  It's gotten a lot of good feedback.


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