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Unity - "Message from" email subject field


We have two Call Manager clusters using site codes to dial between. Each site has Unity 5 system with Digital Networking (in UM config).

When user in site A calls user in Site B, we prepend the site code on caller ID, so user in site B can easily call back from call lists and it works great.

The problem is when user in Site A leaves a voicemail message for user in Site B. Since caller ID includes site codes, Unity in site B cannot properly recognize the caller and email delivered to Site B subscriber is "Message from an unidentified caller"....

Obviously, if we stop prepending site codes on caller ID, Unity identification starts working, but then to call back users need to edit the number and prepend the site codes manually....

I had been scratching my head about it, but I can't seem to find a solution that can solve it.

Does anyone have an idea?




Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

You could add the number to the Alternate Number in Unity.

For example, leave everything the way it is for Subscriber Tom Jones ID x4000

In the Alternate Number add in site code+4000


Hopefully that works for you!

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Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

It was my first idea. Tried that....didn't work....

Any other ideas? :-)

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

Adding an alternate extension didn't work for a test user? If Call Viewer on Unity is showing a # coming in that matches that of a subscriber's extension or a configured alternate extension, Unity should recognize that as a subscriber.

Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

The alternate number always works. are you sure you are sending the correct digits you think you are to Unity? I can add in my cell phone number to the Alternate number and then call Unity directly from the PSTN and get unity it prompt for my PIN only. (because it associated me with caller ID to my cell phone number in the Alternate Number in my subscriber profile)

double check your incoming call viewer as another posted stated.

Another option would be to reverse the numbers. Put the sitecode+4digits as primary and the 4 digit as alternate number.

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Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

Yes, making primary DTMF full number with site codes and making local extension an alternate did work.


Re: Unity - "Message from" email subject field

Almost seems like it could be a bug.. but glad it worked for you!

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