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Unity rebuild

We have a remote site setup with a full Unified Messaging deployment with Unity v4.0(5). Unfortunately, the Unity build was such that the os/unity/sql/and the log files were all placed on the c partition. When the partition ran out of space due to the increasing number of log files, Unity crashed. We've successfully relocated the log files and Unity is functional but we now need to re-build the entire box to seperate the os and the sql application so that sql is also resident on the data partition along with the log files. Has anyone done this and can anyone provide me with or direct me to procedures to complete the re-build? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Unity rebuild

Perform a dbwalker to check the db, then DiRT backup.

Reimage the box (OS, SQL, etc). Make sure to give it the same hostname, join to domain, etc. You may want to note which accounts your using for Directory Services, Message Store.

Once your "clean" Unity box is rebuilt, DiRT Restore, run DBWalker again and that should be it.

The whole process should take you about 3-4 hours plus some testing time.


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity rebuild

Also, be sure to grab the latest DiRT version before you get started - and make real sure you install the same version you back up. The restore will require this.

you can get the latest version and look at the help and training videos for it on its home page here:

you might also want to look over the reconfiguration guide (which talks about using DiRT):

Re: Unity rebuild

Hi -

Not sure how much space you have left on the C drive, but here is something to consider. Most of the SQL space, at least for our Unity server on the C drive, was consumed by the UnityDB.bak, which we run nightly backup. Same for ReportDB.bak. We solved our C drive space issue by updating the SQL Agent job to save the backup file on our LOG drive. Another thing to check on your server which consumes a lot of space - c:\windows\$NtUninstallKB824141$ or similar filenames. These are the uninstall files for security patches. These can be safely deleted. I save the most current month's updates and then delete all files older than the previous month's patches (typically you don't uninstall these after applying and running your OS for some time). Another place to check for disk space on the C drive is IIS log files. I would recommend going to Search and search for all files and folders using the select size option, maybe start at 1-2Meg (include the Advanced options search system folders, hidden files, include sub-folders). You may find some surprises that through deletion, will help gain you back some space.


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Re: Unity rebuild

Thanks to everyone you took a moment to reply and offer tips. I'll be "repairing" the box this weekend and will be sure to update the case when it's fixed.

Re: Unity rebuild

Hey -

Best wishes on this work! If you can afford the time to have Unity down, especially if you are moving SQL to a different drive and cleaning up, I recommend taking the time to run a disk defragmentation/compress to gain back space (free extents) and improve your disk I/O performance.


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