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unity recordings not replicating


I have failover unity 4.0.5 um servers. testing the failover application by adding a new subscriber & recording name & greeting on primary.

checking secondary, database replication is working, new subscriber shows up, but the recorded name & greeting do not. Can't find any errors in sql.

vm retrival seems to work fine.

Checked that folders are shared on both servers.

Any suggestions?




Re: unity recordings not replicating

i've noticed that when replicating, the subscriber information gets replicated immediately pretty much but the recordings do not. they take quite a few minutes before they're synch'ed over to the secondary server.

try to check a short time later for the recordings.

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Re: unity recordings not replicating

unfortunately, that's not the case. Recordings are never replicating over

Re: unity recordings not replicating

Remember that 4.0.5, there a lot of problems with Failover.. you must make sure you are all the current patches for Unity with this version. SP and a few other patches seem to stablize 4.0.5. Out of the box, 4.0.5 runs fine, but if you want to run failover, you must install the patches.

You can try and look into the SQL replication process if you are good at SQL. You may see SQL login errors, or just plain and simple, Failover is not configured correctly.

Another good test I have found is that, yes the greetings are not replicating over, but if you try and configure for instance Caller Input settings on a greeting, these do not replicate also, which throws the red flag up, SQL is not running correctly or replcating to it's partner.

If your licensing is not replicating either, then you can pretty much just uninstall Failover and reinstall it again and try it from scratch. (failover wizard). I have battle 4.0.5 many times and always loose. I end up calling TAC and they battle for a couple hours also.

Another good one to check is your NIC cards they are running as Fault Talerent and not load balancing. This will throw SQL replication off as well. Try it using 1 NIC card in each server and see this fixes it. (quick test)

hope this helps

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Re: unity recordings not replicating

thanks for your help

this turned out to be a permissions issue. the share folders for failover in the secondary were using different acct then primary.

had rerun failover config on prim, using different acct and had not rerun it on sec.


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