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Unity recovery after Exchange 2003 Upgrade

Yep, we messed up. Upgraded to Exchange 2003 (separate box) without first upgrading Unity. We're on Unity 3.1(5) and had disks for 4.0(2) but hadn't installed it.

Turns out we need 4.0(3) or better, but my question is, assuming we get the right software, is there any way of recovering our situation going forward? We'd like to return to fully integrated messaging as soon as possible, but an incremental approach can work if it's possible.

Assuming we get the latest version of Unity for the SPE, can we upgrade our current install 3.1(5) while it's down like this? All I get is a system log error about AvCsMgr service terminating unexpectedly when I try to restart Unity.

Is there any way to alter the current install so it doesn't integrate with Exchange, but does handle incoming call answering and use it's own message store?

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity recovery after Exchange 2003 Upgrade

The procedure below is not supported and will have limited results. If it works, this is only a temporary solution - you will have to upgrade to unity 4.0(3) or newer.

Create two new accounts - UnityDirSvc, and UnityMsgStoreSvc.

Download the latest Permission Wizard and run it on the unity server against the two accounts above. You may have to choose Exch 2000 option instead of exch 2003.

Change the following services to start with UnityMsgStoreSvc





Change the following services to start with UnityDirSvc



Good luck. A few things may not work after reboot but I think you will be able to leave and check voicemails.

Again, this is not supported and you are assuming the risk of running it.

Community Member

Re: Unity recovery after Exchange 2003 Upgrade

Wow, this worked like a charm. BTW, the version of Permissions Wizard mentioned refers to the 4.0(3)+ version available from

We've got Unity 3.1(5) back up and running and pretty much everything seems to work. Even managed to get a good DiRT backup, and have renewed hopes of running an upgrade to 4.0(5). Many, Many Thanks!


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