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Unity Reporting Data?

I have a customer that needs to pull subscriber reports over a 3 - 6 month timeframe. The unity reporting tools seem to keep 7 days of info. I'm assuming that Unity has the ability to store subscriber access records for this long of time, but probably is not configured to do so by default.

Does unity purge this data or is it still somewhere in the SQL DB? How would I configure Unity to store the report data for 3 months so my customer can run reports quarterly? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Unity Reporting Data?

Once the data is purged, it's gone. There's no archive that's kept around - this is a mechanism to prevent HD space from bloating on us and causing all kinds of problems.

You can adjust how long Unity keeps report logging files/data around on the Configuration page in the SA. There are three values there - one for data files (used to generate reports), one for diagnostic files and one for finished report data (left over when you run a report). You can crank up the raw report data time to stick around such that you can run reports across that type of time frame. Yes, all three of these times default to 7 days.

Be sure there's enough drive space on the drive where you're logging data - you can move this location to another drive if necessary although normally it's kept in the \commserver\logs directory where you installed Unity.

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Re: Unity Reporting Data?

What directory is the raw data in? I want to look at the size and see how far I can crank it up with only 11 gb of free space on the partition. I would just need to the raw report data time up to 31-40 days so I can report for an entire month.

Also, does the time change take effect immediately after you change it from 7 days?


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Re: Unity Reporting Data?

by default all the logs (diagnostic and data) are stored in \commserver\logs - although you can move this to a different drive/directory using the Advanced Settings Tool.

Change the number of days just means the next time the log cleanup routine runs, it'll keep the logs longer - I believe that process runs about every half an hour or so (with the log scavenger process). It may only run once a day, though - I'd have to check.

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