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Unity server running out of disk space


We have a unity server which is running out of disk space. It is possible for us to add more disks into the system and extend a partition? or may be create a new partition and move the data store to that partition, any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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Re: Unity server running out of disk space

I would suggest that it might be useful to determine why Unity is running out of space. Some people have found that IIS logs are eating up valuable space. Additionally if SQL transaction logs are not being properly truncated periodically they will consume acres of disk space.

We have been known to move the paging file from one volume to another to pick up some disk space - particularly if it exists on a boot volume that cannot be extended.

If everything that can be managed is well managed and you are still running out of space you may, sometimes, be able to extend the data partition. We always install programs to, and place data on, an E: drive -- a separate volume from the bootable C: drive so that we may extend the data/program volume as needed. Microsoft documents the procedures very well on their support site. If you end up having to rebuild and DIRT backup/restore the server, you may wish to consider that model.

Hope that helps,

- Tony -

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Re: Unity server running out of disk space


Thanks for the response, i will make sure that i rate this post. The reason we are running out of disk space is because we do not have any limit set for users as far as number is voice mail is concerned. And the management would not like to set one up.

My question is how difficult is it to extend a partition?? is it safe? i do not want to loose data.

Would it be safe to may be create another partition and move the mailstore to the new partition??


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Re: Unity server running out of disk space

I have personally had no problems extending partitions using Windows disk manager - but of course your mileage may vary! We have done it here dozens of times on Exchange servers with no data loss or downtime. Our Exchange servers use a SAN for the databases, so I just give them a bit more space when they run low (we also do not limit the user's storage space).

Keep in mind that if you span hardware, failure of any of the involved hardware will cause the *entire volume* to fail. If you are using hardware RAID (such as an HP controller) you should be able to add a drive to that RAID set using the array configuration utility and then use Disk Manager to add to the volume on the extended partition. Other server brands have other RAID utilities that I am not familiar with.

It may be possible to move the Exchange database to another partition on the Unity server -- I have certainly done this with my production Exchange servers in the past (database dismount required), but never with a Unity VM Exchange server. Perhaps somebody more familiar with that angle could respond to that piece.

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Re: Unity server running out of disk space

If your problem is exchange database, then adding a new hard drive (preferably raid 1) and moving both the database and transactional logs over to the new drive is your best bet. If the problem is transactional logs, you could use circular logging <>bbut read the caveats of using circular logging

I wouldn't recommend extending the partition. If you decide to do so, make sure your backups are good, and you know how to do a restore.

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