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Unity service restarted


We have a customer running Unity 5.x, the customer had problems accessing voicemail and accessed the server and reported that Unity was "stopped". I have since logged in and pulled of the application logs for that day and am trying to see why the service restarted and few times and then stopped. I am not sure how to identify if it was stopped manually or as a result of a system error.

I have notice a problem with the port alloocation which is causing collisions, could this cause the AvCsMgr to shutdown?

I have attached the logs.

Many Thanks


Cisco Employee

Re: Unity service restarted

Is it possible that there’s not enough disk space on the partition that Unity is installed on?  I ask because of this:

The database ""First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (USBILUTY1)"" has 3 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.

Also, because of this error, services may not have been able to log on and would therefore not start:  All Domain Controller Servers in use are not responding

Looks like you have DC/Exch and Unity all on the same server (and looks like it is a virtual server based on this in the logs: “"Virtual machine USBILUTY1 is starting”); if this is accurate, then probably a reboot was executed:  MS DTC has detected that a DC Promotion has happened.

I don’t think this was stopped manually, but looks like there may have been a reboot, if my assumptions are correct about your having Unity/Exch/DC all on the same server.

Based on the versions of Unity/TSP, you should be ok, but please confirm compatibility with the CM version, since I don’t have that piece of data: 

One more thing, if this Unity server is a virtual machine, then it’s not a supported configuration, meaning that it may or may not work:  (Requirements state: “Cisco Unity version 7.0(2) or later.”)

Bottom line, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I'd confirm that you have a supported configuration and enough disk space for the server to operate effectively.

I hope this helps.

Cisco Employee

Re: Unity service restarted

I don't agree that virtual machine statement in the startup is a dead giveaway that is it vmware. I do agree with the statement that disk space may be a issue here. In addition to the personal folders applog event you have there is the more severe one regarding the actual mail store.

For more information, click ",""
292568,#2010-01-22 04:34:41#,#2010-01-22 04:34:41#,"MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store","General ","Information",1221,"","USBILUTY1","The database ""First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (USBILUTY1)"" has 61 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.

It's located on their D drive which is usually your bigger drive so that is a big concern. I would see if you have an issue with logs not being truncated for your Exchange. It seems that you may also want to look into turning on circular logging to get around this since it's voicemail only and all on one box.

Here is an MS article on how to turn on Circular Loggin for Exchange. It may help if it is in fact logs that are causing your D drive to fill up and your Mail Store database to be at 61m after defrag.

I would also advise attaching the Gather Unity System Information file in stead of just a txt version of the applogs so we can get a better formatted view of all the event logs on the server as well as some other good info that might help. You can get this cab file generated by going to the Unity Tools Depot and opening the GUSI from the Reporting Tools. Once it is open, press the Write To File button and it will put together the file for you to send in.



Re: Unity service restarted

Many Thanks for your input on this.

I can confirm that this is not running on a virtual machine.

I have investigated further and it seems that the server was rebooted, confirmed this by issuing the DOS command "C:/>serverinfo", which shows uptime, and also by viewing teh security logs. After the reboot was initiated the server didn't start cleanly as you can see in the logs.

We do have a disk space issue on the C drive (only 500MB free) where the Unity app is installed and will be sorting this out. Then will reboot server to prove it can start cleanly.

Many Thanks again for your advice on this matter.



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