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Unity SNMP question

I'm very confused about SNMP with Unity version 7.x.  I'm trying to use Nimbus to monitor a Unity 7.x server.  Nimsoft is under the impression that . points to all kinds of Unity goodies.  They use it to "test" that a device is actually a Unity server.  When I go to Cisco's own SNMP Object Navigator there is no reference to .  As a matter of fact, there's a gap between 383 and 386.  However, if I google . all kinds of stuff comes up indicating that it is a cisco unity MIB.  So now I'm starting to wonder what's going on.  I know that Windows allows for the installation of SNMP extension agents.  If you look in the registry, you'll see a bunch of extension agents installed for things like SQL, IIS, etc.  Does the Unity install process also add an extension agent for Unity MIBs?  If the SNMP server is not yet installed on the Windows server and then Unity is installed, I can imagine that if Unity was going to install an extension agent it would either not bother or the attempt would certainly fail.  If Unity is supposed to install an extension agent, how would one install that agent after the initial Unity install?


Re: Unity SNMP question

Take a look in the 7x documentation you have regarding EMS (Event Monitoring Service) and the installation of the RSK (Remote Serviceability Kit).  You can set up SNMP notifications for the Unity application using the RSK.  I believe this may be what you're trying to get to.


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