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Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another

When a subscriber terminates employment (or transfers to a different phone)... and their old mailbox needs to be deleted (in order to be able to create a new box for their replacement), what's the best way to make sure there aren't any waiting messages in the old box?

Is there a way to change a mailbox's Exchange Server alias - so that email notifications will be sent to the new subscriber, without deleting the box and starting over?

I'm thinking there may be better ways, and I've yet to discover them.

I'd appreciate any suggestions and ideas about how others handle what I'm calling "mailbox shuffle".


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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another


One option is to rename the account in AD and change the Exchange alias and email address.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another

That's the kind of answer I was looking for.

I don't have permissions and access to make changes in the AD, but work closely with those who do. Next time, mailboxes need shuffled around, we'll give this suggestion a try.

I'm thinking by renaming the account in AD and changing the Exchange alias and email address - any previously waiting messages in the box - will remain (waiting as new messages) for the new subscriber.

Rated your reply with a High 5, Thank you!


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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another

I've spoken to the staff who make changes in AD. I'm told changing the name on the account will give all old employee files and set up, to the new employee.

Doesn't sound like this will work, for us, after all. I need a way to make simple changes of just the mailbox name, alias and email address, without having to delete and recreate them.

Even though it won't work, I do appreciate your suggestion, and kind reply.

Thanks again,


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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another

Is it just that you want to make sure the mailbox associated with the AD account that the Unity subscriber is tied to is empty? You might want to check out the mailbox reset tool:

it's not TAC supported but I put that out there for a couple large schools that had masses of students that left at the end of the year and they had the same basic problem. There's been a few reported problems of the voice name not being cleared (multiple DCs replicating around cause headaches here) - but the maibox will always be cleared. You have to setup permissions for the account that runs the tool carefully since it goes through CDO to wax the messages in the mailbox - the help file should cover it.

Create a couple test users and try it out and see if it works for you.

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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another

Thank you for the information.

My need is not a matter of wanting to be sure the mailbox is empty. It's more of a matter of wanting to be sure I don't empty (delete) a mailbox with important "unheard" messages in it.

Ours is a healthcare facility. When a nurse terminates, and a new nurse is hired to take her place.

The leaving nurse's mailbox needs deleted, and a new mailbox needs created (even though they work from the same telephone). It's all to do with their name being tied to the active directory. When their AD account is disabled (at termination), then Example Administrator begins to receive their "undeliverable messages".

That's where I learn of the need to delete and recreate the box for a new subscriber (new nurse in this scenario). My fear is losing important unheard patient messages when deleting the old nurse box.

I'm looking for an easy way to tell how many waiting voicemails are in the box needing deleted.

All I've been able to tell about inbox size is in bytes (which means nothing to me), and even that is total bytes for voice and text.

Yet, when a subscriber calls in to access their account - Unity tells the subscriber "you have 2 new messages", or "you have no new messages"... etc. Is there a way for an administrator to view (or hear) this message count?

I can change the password and access the box, to hear it.

I can alter the extensions of the old box (to keep it active & not lose any messages), which allows me to create the new box with the proper extensions.

I can then, go into the old (altered extension) box, and forward the old box's messages over to the new nurses mailbox.

So, far this has been the best way I've found to convert from a terminated nurse, to new hire.

I admire your work and help on this discussion board. If there's a better way - I'd love to hear it.


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Re: Unity subscribers moving from one phone to another


There are other ways you can attack this issue.

1. Login to the mailbox through the Exchange server via OWA (using the AD username/password), and it will display every mail for you, deleted, new etc.

2. Use PCA to access same above.

Changing the AD attributes indicated earlier will be a good way to address your issues, while above options gives you more ways to access the mails.


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