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Unity System Message being played when accessing Unified mailbox

I have one user in a 500+ Unity Unified messaging environment that is getting the following system message played to them when accessing their mailbox via the phone:

"Message to one or more recipients could not be delivered"

This message isn't played all the time, but more often than not.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: Unity System Message being played when accessing Unified mai


This this sounds like a non-delivery receipt (NDR). When the user listens to messages, does the the Unity conversation first say something like "Message 1, a receipt..."? Since it's a unified messaging environment, take a look at the user's inbox in Outlook or Outlook Express, and open up the receipt to see who it was intended for to see why the message wasn't delivered.

If you don't want the Unity conversation to announce receipts, there is a system-wide setting in the Advanced Settings Tool (AST) in Tools Depot that you can enable. Take a look a the descriptions of the following

AST keys:

Conversation - Exclude all receipts from voice mail stack

Conversation - Exclude return receits from voice mail stack


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Re: Unity System Message being played when accessing Unified mai

It does sound like this is an NDR. According to the one user that has this problem, there is nothing other than regular email messages in her inbox when these messages are played. This user states this is happening about 3-4 times per week. Once again this is only happening to one user out of 500. I am attempting to recreate this with the user on Monday.

Thanks for the reply.

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