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Unity to Unity Connection Migration Documentation

Hello all -

I am beginning to document how to migrate from Unity 4.2(1) which is my current production system(s) to Unity Connection 7.X using COBRAS. We have a fairly complex implementation - 5 Unity UM servers in 4 different domains; Unity Bridgehead server with a Bridge server communicating to 20+ Octel voicemail servers; many subscriber templates to accommodate different operator 0-out designations; as well as a number of customers that use unified messaging features such as ViewMail and TTS. As soon as I can get a test VPIM license on our Unity bridgehead server to get UC to Octel communication via the Bridge working, I plan to move our team over to UC as our production voicemail. I understand UC 8.X will natively support the bridge, but I don't see that happening in time for my migration ... I would be interested in collaborating with anyone who has perhaps already made this migration, at least on one Unity server, to share your experiences and any caveats you noted that would further ensure my own migration success. I intend to make my documentation, once it's tested and validated, available online to this forum. Here are a few items I am regarding as critical to get right:

- Ensure UC is fully operational before attempting any import

- Go to - and register for part number UNCN7-UTYMIG-K9=, Migration from Unity 4.x or later to Unity Cxn 7.x. (Note: I'm in the process of straightening out my entitlement contract information since it says I'm "entitled" via my ESW contract but won't let me proceed further. I recommend, if you are moving from SAU to ESW/UCSS for your Unity systems to confirm your contract info is uptodate! Secondly, this part number is supposed to provide Unity migration CDs - unsure what is on it/them - perhaps the very documentation I am creating now :-)

- Coordinate multiple exports and imports to accommodate subscriber template information and class of service.

- Creating the same files to Bulk delete users as I get them migrated over to UC.

That's all for now. Will update as I progress further.


P.S. Just had another thought - has anyone worked with Outlook deployment options in the form of a customized PRF file? I have developed user documentation from Cisco's IMAP docs to show a user how to add a second inbox to Outlook Folder list. But I'm thinking it would be much better to push any common IMAP settings, such as the Unity Connection server IP address, via an Outlook update than to trust 3000+ users to make this change correctly. I would also like to standardize on a naming convention for the added IMAP inbox, for example Unity Voicemail, which is coded on the Internet E-mail Settings - General Tab. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and any experience with pushing, say via SMS or Altiris, the Outlook update.


Re: Unity to Unity Connection Migration Documentation

As an addition to the above, the Cisco documentation for migrating from Unity 4.x to Unity Connection 7.x is at the following link:

I'm also planning a (much simpler) upgrade and would appreciate feedback from others on caveats etc.


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